Monday, 27 July 2015

APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam was ex-president of India.He was a great Scientist, popularly known as "Missile Man Of India" for inventing Agni, Trishul etc...
Well, this seems to be a lesson of your English Textbook, ha ha!
He was not only a president and scientist who did so much for INDIA but he is also an example, an inspiration...
Born in 1931 in the streets of Rameshwaram, APJ lead a poor life but didn't give up his dreams...
He used to study sitting beside brahmin kids and was often invited for meals at his brahmin Teacher's home which he readily accepted...Such was his upbringing, very secular!And we need to learn many lessons from his life!
He worked very hard to earn bread for his family...he even used to sell newspapers.

"Don't stop working hard after your first victory.It is the time more lips are ready to say that your first victory was mere 'luck' " is one among his innumerable quotes.

He even wrote many books like "Wings Of Fire","Ignited Minds", etc proving Benjamins Franklin true for his quote that "If you want to be remembered even after your death write something or do something worth writing" He did both, right!

Former Chairman of my school, M.N Raju was a close friend of APJ {checkout the link }

Adios !

Friday, 24 July 2015

Some people :(

There are some people who just does not fit to be on the Earth (exactly feeling your emotions ).
I agree, this what we feel.It is okay.It is natural.
There are some people who are just....unable to explain....
But yeah, this the world where you have to with it...
After all its "Dunya" and not "Jannah"! Subhanallah!The powerful sentence I have read somewhere...

Forgive them...if not for them..but for your own sake!

I know "Forgiving is a little bit easy but forgetting is not"....but move on!

Best Of Luck!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

When you want to yell "SHUT UP!"

There are some times in your life when people just forget their limits and start speaking anything...there you have nothing to say but "Please Shut Up !"

And there are also the times when you cant even say that.You should just sit quiet and listen up...that's tough!

I say whenever there are such moments stay quiet, gulp in your will help!

But no matter how nice you try to be there are certain times, certain people which annoys so much that you can't stay quite, and in some cases, you could not even make it work with "Shut Up!" strongly want to use all the #$%^#@& words !haha BUT understand that staying quiet is better.Yes, if there is some sort of explanation you want to give or you think you can make that person quiet...then go ahead...a little sense of humour comes handy in case you need to answer nonsense questions!

Kuch bhi karo...soch samajh kar karo

Yes, guys! Cant write much...Exam Time...
See You!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Studying people's behaviour

It may seem funny that I'm repeatedly saying I'm different from others but one of the reasons I started blogging is to let the world know how different I am and how it feels to be. you will have to bear this !*lol*

I study people's behaviours.(It happens automatically, even if I don't want to)And it is very normal for me...I study almost everyone's behaviours...As of now, my brain consists of hundreds of different behaviours !
I do use this,t hat's why I hardly get disappointed over people.I know how everyone is,how they think!
ok ok . I know I am getting boring  now.!
See you then.

Love being Interpersonal Intelligent ;)

Found this article in a book.Check out what it says:
interpersonal intelligence:
I Like To:
Seeing things from others point of view in order to understand how they think or feel.You are a good organiser and manage to get other people to cooperate & work as a team.
I Am Good At:
Seeing things from others view,listening, understanding people’s moods and feeling.Solving problems, cooperating with groups, noticing people’s moods,communicating, building trust.
I Can Become:
Counsellor, salesman, politician,
Businessman, teacher.
Well, I am an Interpersonal Intelligent...But do you think I should get professional with this ability?