Friday, 4 November 2016

Loving our imperfect life

I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.
Dear Zindagi,
I love you!! Seriously. You're beautiful! No matter how many hardships I face, how many heartbreaks I go through, I'll never stop loving you!
I'm very grateful to you and thank god for blessing me with you. You've always taught me new lessons. Sure, there are times when everything seems to be going wrong and you think everyone is against you but I never thought of letting you go because I know you are a gift from God and my loved ones have right for you too.
Whenever I'm depressed or anxious, I just go out and appreciate the beauty of nature do something which distracts me.
Many people say " Life is not always all rainbows and sunshine". I say it doesn't have to be! We need to enjoy however it is! Like you, my zindagi, no one's is perfect. We must learn to enjoy our imperfect zindagi!
You might be flawed a little, everyone's is, but it doesn't make me loving and enjoying you.
In just 17 years of my life, I've a handful of moments I'll cherish forever! 
You're so unpredictable yaar! It's incredible! No one knows what happens tomorrow. Life may take any turn, you've to be ready.
I'm just 17 years old but I have my share of ups and downs. There were times when I really sad, so sad that everytime I walked on streets 'Jag soona' used to play in my head :p There were also times when I was so happy! No emotion, no feeling is permanent. So, why waste life stressing over the past? Forget it and welcome future with open arms.
I believe you're the greatest school ever and experiences are the best teachers. I don't regret any moment of my life! I'm thankful for the good ones and also for the bad ones for they've taught me a lot. 
Having lived 17 years observing things around and pondering over it, I truly believe in 'La Vida Es Bella' You're really very beautiful! Imperfect yet lovely.
Love you,
Affan Syed.
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Thursday, 29 September 2016

My reaction to Indo Pak tiff.

Lots of negativity started pouring lately.. and I can understand how you feel when someone talks bad about your nation and countrymen... I feel the same when I see something against mine... But there's a difference in the way I handle it.I ignore.That's the right way.
There are dumbos on both the sides who don't like peace.. ignore them and live happily.. world peace is the need of the hour.If the negativity rises, start blocking them so that you don't have to see it. Don't get depressed and stress yourself..At the end of the day, we all are humans, divided by boundaries. Love for all, hatred for none.🙌

This is the first time I wrote a blog on mobile! So, I kept it really short. This is all I messaged to a Pakistani friend if mine.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Thinking wisely.

Assalamualaikum people!

God has gifted human beings with an awesome ability of thinking. As we all know we have a brain and it helps us to take decisions. No,I'm not gonna talk about cerebrum,cerebellum etc. :P That sounds good in your biology class only.Or not.We will discuss the less-talked about part.

Many of us don't think much before acting and many just think but don't act! Both are wrong ! We need to think and act. Before doing something, we should ask ourselves that what are we going to do is right? And analyse a little. But everything we do is different. Somethings doesn't require a much thought! Like choosing between two tees! We shouldn't waste our time in thinking for irrelevant things!

Think about problems people face and how to solve them... This doesn't necessarily mean that you should just think about poor and needy, you should also help your family out sometimes. For an example, your little brother is having a problem in arranging clothes in his cupboard but what he doesn't think about is that he have lots of such clothes he no longer wears! Donate them and you will help some poor lad and your brother at the same time! However, this was just an example which came to my mind right now but they are many such things you can do by application of your thinking in right way!

Thinking before speaking is something we no longer do! Reminds me of something I read recently. There are five things you should be sure of before you speak that if it is  'T'rue,'H'elpful,'I'nspiring,'N'ecessary,'K'ind. If you do think before you speak, your life will be pretty easier.

So, yeah this is it. I know this is kinda different and veryyyy short, that is because I was told by a cousin to write on this, so it is not my own topic. I do look forward to your suggestions too on what topic I should write, comment them down below.
P.S. I may write on this topic later because this topic is huge.
Affan Syed.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Social Media Etiquette

What is Etiquette? Well, according to Wikipedia it is a code of behaviour that delineates expectations for social behaviour according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. All of us are taught how to behave, talk and eat in public. We have also pretty much excelled in it but when it comes to social media, we are not quite sure about etiquette. We haven't taught about it anywhere.

 So, I thought we should have a little discussion about it. I am not teaching anything, I am just sharing some things which I think can help us. I repeat, I am not 'teaching' anything and there could be things which even I should start exercising as none of us is perfect. 

Having said that, let us quickly discuss few important things.
1) Remember the fact that although it is virtual media, people are real. Hence, no playing with feelings bro! Think before you speak (technically,it is tweet or post or whatever :P). Never say something which you know won't go well with a person you're talking to.Value people's sentiments.

2) Although I know most of the people doesn't take anyone seriously online, there are few people who do.If there are such people around, don't take them for granted.

3) I see many people looking for potential spouses on social media :P I don't think it is a wise idea because I haven't heard of any online couple who are happily married. Seriously guys. No offence to anyone is intended. I am just being honest. Ask yourself honestly whether you will be able to marry that person. And if the answer is no, you are not just wasting your time but also destroying the life of another person involved who is possibly more serious than you are.Think about it. 

4) Don't attach yourself with anybody too much. Just don't. Consequences could be worse than you imagine, I am telling you. You know pretty well that you won't be here in coming years, what then? I am not saying not to make few good friends. I am all for it but make sure you don't get too attached. It can hurt you. 

5) People getting 'exposed' is a trend nowadays. For those who don't know, it is posting screenshots of DM conversations of people where one of the people behaves immorally. When I see guys panicking about it, I find it plain stupid. Why say things which you will regret when they are made public? And people actually trusting someone enough to think they won't expose them after their disgusting demands is beyond me. You think you will get away after showing how filthy you are? Where have you left your brains? I won't judge anyone and sincerely hope guys who do this will stop in'sha'Allah. Pretty much always both the people are at fault. Girls should not get that too friendly with guys to discuss things which could lead to such immoral and disgusting demands.

6) Every other day we hear a celebrity speaking something and getting into controversies. Most of the times stories are woven by media for the sake of TRPs. So, it is best to ignore and not talk about it because one of the major problem of our country (pretty much, whole world actually) today is that we get mad on irrelevant things. We talk, debate over things which won't benefit us in any way. We are eluding from actual problems and focusing on useless things. Grow up,guys!

7) We usually use it for time pass but it is better if we serve some purpose. Share some worthy information and reminders.
So yeah, there !let us keep these things in mind and use our time on social media effectively in'sha'Allahthere!

Hey, I think this blog serves it's purpose well. I pretty much summed up everything and if something is missing, let me know down in comments ! Do tell me how you liked it !! Everything up there was my opinion, ignore if you disagree. 
Have an amazing day ahead. Next blog is ready but will post it on 28th :P
Assalamualaikum :)
Affan Syed.

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Assalamualaikum people !
As you can read in title, I have reached more than 2.5 k views and I actually did not even knew it :P So, I will suggest you all beautiful people to leave your comments below,so that I know someone is reading :P
BTW thanks for the love <3

Affan Syed.

Children (Part 2)

Remember a blog I wrote about children long ago? Well, this is also about them but not actually a sequel to it, just another blog with the same topic.So,let us jump right into it :P

Let me narrate you a little incident happened to me recently. I was in a masjid and a little kid to me and said "Bhayya! Can you button my sleeve ?". I looked at him, smiled and buttoned his sleeve. This seemed cute to me for some reason. Weird ? it may be :P But the point is that kid was so innocent and cute,exactly the way child of his age should be. After the salah on my way to my cousin's home (I was at my cousin's as there was a family gathering), I thought how cute children are. I kind of felt nostalgic about no longer being a child..and also thought how calm and relieved their minds are! No weekend tests, no assignments, no exams, nothing! All they worry about is how to convince dad to let them eat an ice cream :P Really! Children are so happy, carefree and what not! 

A few hours later, I decided to take a walk out. I passed in front of two kids.One of them was thrashing another one.He was hitting him so hard! I stopped and thought if I should stop them! Just then a woman came out (who I think was their mother-wallahu'aalam) and took away the boy who was hitting another. I looked at the boy who till now had my sympathy, he cried and whoa! I heard him shout an expletive !! I was like what-the-hell-is-happening! Abusing at this age is something I never even thought about! At that age,if I think about my childhood,I only talked things which made everyone laugh at my sweetness :P This incident made me rethink if childhood is really the best period? Well, it may not be if you are not being raised well. If one is not raised in a good way in this phase of life, it will have a big effect in their future!
Well, going back to this kids...Was it really their fault? No, it can't be. It is their parent's fault! One need to keep a tab on with whom their kids are spending time with! Well, if the parents themselves are a bad influence? May Allah protect the kids..that's all we can say! And yeah, don't get me wrong ! I'm not trying to teach anyone how to d their duties! I know how it feels-16-year-old teaching parenting lol XD I'm not teaching, you know it better XD Just shared what I felt. 
                               Pray all kids have their best time and get everything they deserve <3
Love, A.S.

So,guys! I'm sorry for not posting blogs for these many days.Will try to be regular In'Sha'Allah! And yeah,a little announcement. I'm writing some stories on this cool app called WattPad aka my love :P You can read free stories ad novels out there ! Download it (warning u can get addict, there are some amazing novels out there Masha'Allah) Love y'all! C'ya <3

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Social Media Addiction

Hey guys ! I am back...I was offline for a whole month.My mobile was seized so that I may study for my exams (I found other ways to waste my time though :p) But I got a subject for my blog living offline for a month ! 

Read a page I wrote on 16/2/16 (In classroom) :

"I am sitting in my exam hall and waiting for examiner to bring the papers (Pre Finals are going on then).At this point of time,normally people revise the syllabus but my mind is somewhere else...I will have to be anti-social(networking sites :P) now ! I am really missing some people there. DOES THAT MAKE ME AN ADDICT ?
On Social sites,you will find many people.Some do pure time pass by gossiping,indulging in fan wars all the time. Everyone joins social sites for time pass but I think our pastime should not ever be reason for anybody's bad time.Most of people on Social sites be like "We can do anything here,it is virtual world" but they neglect the fact that though world is virtual,people are REAL ! I am too caring like at least hundred times more than many people out there (in case thousand sounds exaggerating ) !"

I will have to keep this blog short because I am kind of busy,sorry about that ! 
Please take good care,don't take anyone's smile away and don't let others to take your smile away :) 
And a little announcement,I am gonna write a short story first time on blog.Will post it soon.Stay tuned.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

On a break :)

I am on a break till march 15 due to exams :/
Pour advices and topics on which you would like me to write blogs  :)

Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year Celebrations Revisited !

The New Year is here! Everybody around is really happy! They are partying, changed ?dancing and exchanging wishes but wait... Do you really think any changes?Same jobs, same houses, same EVERYTHING. The date has changed and nothing else!
Talking about New Year resolutions, I would say it is something we all know that we are not gonna follow but we keep them just because it is a tradition !No ! Don't mistake me for old and boring soul XD I am just having a dekko a things we do because it is tradition ! Just doing everyone is doing is normal and I don't like normal things, so I do this stuff ;)

Let us think some productive stuff  XD
* All of us must have committed some mistakes in 2015 ! Make sure you won't repeat them in 2016 !
* Every event in our life is with a purpose, be it bad or good ! Good things may make us feel good but bad things give us experiences ! I always say experiences are best teachers ! They teach us the things which we are not taught at home or university !
* Forgive everyone who did bad to you last year ! Start this year by freeing yourself of unnecessary burdens ! Forgiving people is favor to ourselves because this way we are freeing ourselves !
* Ask forgiveness to people whom you have wronged ! Asking forgiveness takes courage and those who do it are appreciable !
* Don't do things which will make you bow in front of people !
* And one thing about the bonds you have with people (any bond) I would like to say is "Don't let your ego or misunderstanding break any bond ! Give it some time but also don't make unnecessary compromises with your self-respect !

I think this much "gyaan' is enough for now :P

.........And yes ! I wish you all a very very Happy New Year to you all ! May this year bring you all the happiness and be healthy <3