Sunday, 17 January 2016

On a break :)

I am on a break till march 15 due to exams :/
Pour advices and topics on which you would like me to write blogs  :)

Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year Celebrations Revisited !

The New Year is here! Everybody around is really happy! They are partying, changed ?dancing and exchanging wishes but wait... Do you really think any changes?Same jobs, same houses, same EVERYTHING. The date has changed and nothing else!
Talking about New Year resolutions, I would say it is something we all know that we are not gonna follow but we keep them just because it is a tradition !No ! Don't mistake me for old and boring soul XD I am just having a dekko a things we do because it is tradition ! Just doing everyone is doing is normal and I don't like normal things, so I do this stuff ;)

Let us think some productive stuff  XD
* All of us must have committed some mistakes in 2015 ! Make sure you won't repeat them in 2016 !
* Every event in our life is with a purpose, be it bad or good ! Good things may make us feel good but bad things give us experiences ! I always say experiences are best teachers ! They teach us the things which we are not taught at home or university !
* Forgive everyone who did bad to you last year ! Start this year by freeing yourself of unnecessary burdens ! Forgiving people is favor to ourselves because this way we are freeing ourselves !
* Ask forgiveness to people whom you have wronged ! Asking forgiveness takes courage and those who do it are appreciable !
* Don't do things which will make you bow in front of people !
* And one thing about the bonds you have with people (any bond) I would like to say is "Don't let your ego or misunderstanding break any bond ! Give it some time but also don't make unnecessary compromises with your self-respect !

I think this much "gyaan' is enough for now :P

.........And yes ! I wish you all a very very Happy New Year to you all ! May this year bring you all the happiness and be healthy <3

Edit: I may have said things in this blog I wouldn't agree now or maybe the way I said it is too childish, so keep in mind that this is an old blog. I'm not deleting it because blogs are my first online appearance as a writer :p