Saturday, 28 May 2016


Assalamualaikum people !
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Children (Part 2)

Remember a blog I wrote about children long ago? Well, this is also about them but not actually a sequel to it, just another blog with the same topic.So,let us jump right into it :P

Let me narrate you a little incident happened to me recently. I was in a masjid and a little kid to me and said "Bhayya! Can you button my sleeve ?". I looked at him, smiled and buttoned his sleeve. This seemed cute to me for some reason. Weird ? it may be :P But the point is that kid was so innocent and cute,exactly the way child of his age should be. After the salah on my way to my cousin's home (I was at my cousin's as there was a family gathering), I thought how cute children are. I kind of felt nostalgic about no longer being a child..and also thought how calm and relieved their minds are! No weekend tests, no assignments, no exams, nothing! All they worry about is how to convince dad to let them eat an ice cream :P Really! Children are so happy, carefree and what not! 

A few hours later, I decided to take a walk out. I passed in front of two kids.One of them was thrashing another one.He was hitting him so hard! I stopped and thought if I should stop them! Just then a woman came out (who I think was their mother-wallahu'aalam) and took away the boy who was hitting another. I looked at the boy who till now had my sympathy, he cried and whoa! I heard him shout an expletive !! I was like what-the-hell-is-happening! Abusing at this age is something I never even thought about! At that age,if I think about my childhood,I only talked things which made everyone laugh at my sweetness :P This incident made me rethink if childhood is really the best period? Well, it may not be if you are not being raised well. If one is not raised in a good way in this phase of life, it will have a big effect in their future!
Well, going back to this kids...Was it really their fault? No, it can't be. It is their parent's fault! One need to keep a tab on with whom their kids are spending time with! Well, if the parents themselves are a bad influence? May Allah protect the kids..that's all we can say! And yeah, don't get me wrong ! I'm not trying to teach anyone how to d their duties! I know how it feels-16-year-old teaching parenting lol XD I'm not teaching, you know it better XD Just shared what I felt. 
                               Pray all kids have their best time and get everything they deserve <3
Love, A.S.

So,guys! I'm sorry for not posting blogs for these many days.Will try to be regular In'Sha'Allah! And yeah,a little announcement. I'm writing some stories on this cool app called WattPad aka my love :P You can read free stories ad novels out there ! Download it (warning u can get addict, there are some amazing novels out there Masha'Allah) Love y'all! C'ya <3