Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Thinking wisely.

Assalamualaikum people!

God has gifted human beings with an awesome ability of thinking. As we all know we have a brain and it helps us to take decisions. No,I'm not gonna talk about cerebrum,cerebellum etc. :P That sounds good in your biology class only.Or not.We will discuss the less-talked about part.

Many of us don't think much before acting and many just think but don't act! Both are wrong ! We need to think and act. Before doing something, we should ask ourselves that what are we going to do is right? And analyse a little. But everything we do is different. Somethings doesn't require a much thought! Like choosing between two tees! We shouldn't waste our time in thinking for irrelevant things!

Think about problems people face and how to solve them... This doesn't necessarily mean that you should just think about poor and needy, you should also help your family out sometimes. For an example, your little brother is having a problem in arranging clothes in his cupboard but what he doesn't think about is that he have lots of such clothes he no longer wears! Donate them and you will help some poor lad and your brother at the same time! However, this was just an example which came to my mind right now but they are many such things you can do by application of your thinking in right way!

Thinking before speaking is something we no longer do! Reminds me of something I read recently. There are five things you should be sure of before you speak that if it is  'T'rue,'H'elpful,'I'nspiring,'N'ecessary,'K'ind. If you do think before you speak, your life will be pretty easier.

So, yeah this is it. I know this is kinda different and veryyyy short, that is because I was told by a cousin to write on this, so it is not my own topic. I do look forward to your suggestions too on what topic I should write, comment them down below.
P.S. I may write on this topic later because this topic is huge.
Affan Syed.

Edit: I may have said things in this blog I wouldn't agree now or maybe the way I said it is too childish, so keep in mind that this is an old blog. I'm not deleting it because blogs are my first online appearance as a writer :p


  1. Heyyy ! Assalam, this was pretty niiicee. Thank you for this blog :)