Sunday, 23 August 2015


Forgive and forget,they say...
Do you really think it is that easy ? No! It is not...
When you stand in the shoes in victim,you will know it...Else,advicing is favourite hobby for most of the people,now-a-days! Before you say "Forgive him/her,why are you making it an issue",just imagine yourself in that situation...
Okay,forgiving is somehow,we can do it but forgetting...impossible for me!
I cannot forget anything...especially things which hurt me!

"But yes,I am killing all this negativity because I am on my way to become a Better and Happier person ! "

And if I may,I will advise you to do the same !

'Coz maine new funda apnaya hai "Haters don"t deserve your attention"

                                                                                                         Thank You,
                                                                                                                    Affan Syed.

Edit: I may have said things in this blog I wouldn't agree now or maybe the way I said it is too childish, so keep in mind that this is an old blog. I'm not deleting it because blogs are my first online appearance as a writer :p


  1. That's pretty amazing brother keep the work up! I am fan of ur English vocabulary!^_^

  2. TYSM sis...Keep reading them !