Sunday, 1 November 2015

Feelings (Part-2)

Sorry for the long break.
So, we were talking about feelings...

They are many kinds of people in this world.Let us talk about the ones who belong to my group(kinda).
These people are usually very very sweet and caring.They care for everyone.And when people they care about don't do the same, they get hurt.Sometimes, very very much! You won't find such people everywhere...If you have them, take care of them!

Feelings are always precious.You can't take your words back, so better to be careful.Just because you don't like anyone, you can't hurt them.Take care of people's feelings.Don't hurt anyone without a cause.Don't look down upon anyone.
Well, I know there are some people who don't deserve this kindness.They never think before saying anything to you!They try to be as mean and as nasty they can! Try to be polite with them too if you can but yes rudeness with them is justified :P point of view ;)

This topic is huge,think we may need some more parts :P

Edit: I may have said things in this blog I wouldn't agree now or maybe the way I said it is too childish, so keep in mind that this is an old blog. I'm not deleting it because blogs are my first online appearance as a writer :p

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